Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tattoos Tattoos

So I have a few … well 4 to be exact and I think I want another one. I am very intrigued by one in the inside of my arm. Why you ask … I haven no idea. But I really like the idea. 

Here are some neat not necessarily "inside the arm" tattoos:

What would you get if you were to get a tattoo?


  1. oh my...i ♥ tattoos and have quite a few myself. since i got married i seemed to go a little skin art crazy :) roman numerals on the top of my shoulder (our wedding date), a maple seed on the side of my wrist, flowers, owl and a peacock feather on by shoulder blade/back and shoulder area and...on my inner arm (exactly where lady gaga's is) a pair of feathers. i love this placement and think it would be great on you as well.

    You'll have to post pictures of your tattoos for sure...i love to look :)

  2. I have Roman Numerals on my foot as OUR wedding date!!!! LOVE IT!! My husband calls me his "butterfly" so I wanted to get the word Butterfly in the inside of my arm. I feel like the image of butterflies is too common but if I got a neat script for the word I think that would be so neat!

    I also have an Ironman M-Dot (the triathlon race not the cartoon character) on my rid cage. The symbol for happiness on the top of one foot and a design my mother made for me on by back.

    My hubby just got a half sleeve and I have the itch now! :P

    I will post some photos of my tattoos soon!

    Have a great tattoo day!!

  3. I had a friend who put a couple lines of an Emily Dickinson poem on her inner arm.

  4. @ Margaret…that is great! Do you now what poem??


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