Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Photos and Skiing!

Today was an awesome adventure! I went skiing with a group of (mostly) guys including my hubby and me and we hit Lake Tahoe's Squaw Valley! Check out the fun PICS!! The guy in the red coat is 'mine' :)

Wednesday Wishes (4)

On Tuesday I spent the day doing "me" stuff. I went to Ikea and Home Goods and found a million things I would love to have for my new home and my new studio. But I am narrowing this weeks Wishes down to Chairs…I love all these chairs! I found them all at Home Goods! Which one is your favorite??


SO BRIGHT!! Love this!

this is a LOVE seat!!!!

Great Date Idea #4

Dinner on DECK!

No not the back deck silly goose, a BOAT DECK! Many places such as San Diego, Florida, Baltimore and the Great Lakes (just to name a few) offer dinner cruises! You sail on board the boat watching the scenic horizon at sunset. This is a great date for a BIG date…Birthday Celebration, Anniversary …

On top of the awesome atmosphere and food most cruises also offer live bands, a small casino, and a look out area. You will most likely take a photo before boarding the boat. and when you arrive back on land, your photos are ready for purchase.

$$$ this is a SPENDY adventure. But if you save up a little it is VERY WORTH IT!


  • Make sure you read up on their website or brochure, many of these cruises are formal, although some in Mexico are more vacation-wear. 
  • Sunglasses! 
  • a light coat! It can get a little chilly at night when the sun goes down
  • Motion sickness medication. If you have never been on a boat you may not know how your body will react. These cruises are only a few hours long and you will not be going into crazy waters.
  • Reasonable heels. You dont want to be walking on deck in 6" heels all night. 
Book far in advance to make sure you can celebrate that special occasion ON the day you want!

Have you ever been on a Dinner Cruise?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Guest Blog Spot…Bright Wishes

Brooke over at Bright Wishes was gracious enough to let me ask her a few questions about her, her life, her Mr. Charming and her Little one …

1. whats your favorite photo of Mr. Charming?

This is my favorite photo of him: 

2. is it more important for communication to be authentic or kind?

I think it's more important for communication to be authentic.  I guess in a way it should be kind too.  I think you should share everything with your love and tell them how you're feeling no matter what.  If you don't tell them what's going on in your head they'll never know what you're thinking and they can't just figure it out themselves.

3. do you have a model for your ideal relationship?

I really think my ideal relationship is what we both have right now and will continue to have.  He loves Little One, gets along with my family, we have fun together and I am always myself around him. I am not afraid to tell him anything because we always talk about it and work through things.

4. what would you love to learn to do together?

We both really want to learn how to cook together. We want to take a cooking class and maybe even a baking class someday. It would just be so fun to do that!

5. what possession of Mr. Charming's would you LOVE to throw away?

His cigarettes...GROSS. He knows I hate that he smokes, but he really only does it when he's home. Hopefully one day he'll quit altogether which of course I'll support him with that!

Thank you Brooke!! Check out Brooke's blog Bright Wishes … she write about Life, Love and Inspiration.

Do you want to a guest blog spot? Email me!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Great Date Idea #3

A Day at the Spa!

We have all seen it in the movies…the couple laying side by side on two massage takes next to the beach with hot stones on their backs or some hot islander rubbing them down with HOT OILS!!!

Although many of us don't exactly live on the beach where it is beautiful weather all year around, you CAN go to a day spa and get a couples massage! 

$$$ These can be VERY pricey but look for a good deal over a holiday or a new spa that is offering deals for new customers!

Turn OFF your cell Phone
Book early! A Friday afternoon is the best! Then you have all weekend to relax!
Book early to get the day and time you would like!

Book a whole weekend getaway! And enjoy everything the Spa has to offer!
Go to an exotic location and enjoy a couple massage on the beach like you have always dreamed about!

Have you ever enjoyed a couples massage??

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Saturday Run

Yesterday was the longest training run to date. 21 Miles on the American River Trail in Auburn, CA. WE met at Placer High School and they bussed 160+ people 50 minutes to the start at Greenwood, CA.

It was snowing on us at one point, raining at another an it even hailed! The trail was MUDDY and WET! We crossed over 15 'streams' that were knee deep! Neither of us have ever ran with wet feet and it was an adventure.

After the run we had to rush home to get ready for a formal dinner for my husbands work. Talk about running 21 nasty miles then putting on a pair of heels…ouch!

Today I have a Newborn photo shoot. I hope I can make my body function that way I need it to for this event today. After I plan on coming home to a nice long NAP!!

Enjoy your Sunday!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Great Dates - Second Edition

Time for our Second Great Date Idea!

Bicycle Built for Two
This is a great date! GO to a local bicycle shop and rent a tandem bike for a day! A Beach Cruiser is the best kind for beginners. 

Bring a picnic lunch, a bottle of wine, and some chocolate. 

Take a leisurely ride along a scenic trail or a historic area with cute shops and parks. Have someone take a photo of you on the bike!


Water bottles
Sunscreen and sun glasses
Bicycle helmets

Take a guided bicycle tour or Ireland or some other location
If you really like riding a tandem consider purchasing one. A new one is pretty expensive, but check for MUCH cheaper. 

Search Tandem Cycling, Bike Rentals

On an separate note:
My husband and I have a tandem bike and we LOVE IT! For our Honeymoon we rode a tandem on the southern west coast of New Zealand for 14 days! It was amazing!

On our Honeymoon…this was the tallest point of the ride!

This photo was after 3 huge summits in a row.

Then you an get this t-shirt!


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Great Dates - First Edition

I wanted to start sharing some great date ideas. My husband and I are always finding cool date ideas so I thought it would be fun to share them with you! I found a lot of them in the book "Fun & Creative Date for Married Couples: 52 Ways to Enjoy LIfe Together". Each date offers a sections on "Budget", "Over the Top" and "Get Connected".

So here is the first Date:

Have you always wanted to do something Extreme? What better time then now…Here are a few suggestions:
Bungee Jump
Hang glige
Heli-hike (helicopter drops you off at a great hike and you hike back to 'base')
Whitewater Raft
Rock climb
Take a train or subway to somewhere new
Back Country Ski/Snowshoe


Backpack Europe!
Go on an African Safari
Take a race car for a spin on a real speedway

Key words to search online - Bungee Jumping, skydiving, Hang gliding, Heli-hike (or heli-ski, or heli-…. fill in the blank), extreme adventure, rock climbing


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Its Snowing!

Its snowing in NorCal! LOVE IT! It has been threatening to snow for days and it just started!

I have class at 3 and we are having a small dinner party tonight so I have been scrambling at cutting veggies, making salsa and and preparing the main dish…Tatter Tot HOTDISH!! (very Minnesota)

Later this week we will have a GUEST BLOG POST!!! Whoo hooo! Bright Wishes is going to be our guest! I will keep you posted!

Also, Once we hit 25 follower we will have a giveaway! My second and I am super excited! Stay tuned for what its going to be!!

Wednesday Wishes (3)

Yeah for Wednesday Wishes at Bright Wishes! Love these!!

Todays wishes are for new camera gear! 

ONE: a 30mm 1.4 lens

TWO: a cutie, girly camera bag

THREE: Portable wood floors 

FOUR: Patterned Backdrops

FIVE: More babies & kids! (to photography …lol)

What are you Wednesday Wishes? 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Yesterdays Wedding

Yesterdays wedding was amazing!! So much excitement! Lots of smiles and laughs! And some drama…There was a hired photographer from the Hotel…she was catty and an extreme "hooker" to me. I went up to her and shook her hand and told her I was there for the Bride and Groom and she started to "order me around!' She said I was NOT allowed to take flash photos, I was not allowed to take photos of any "staged" photos she sets up. And I was not allowed to go to the front of the chapel to take photos… I was a little set back. But I played her game.

After the wedding I followed the bride and groom into the other room to sign the marriage license. After she said "I need some time alone with the bride and groom, I need you to leave."…..WTH?!?! So…I politely left and huffed and puffed and then when they came back into the chapel for formals I started shooting again. She told everyone to turn their flashes off. (so that means its OK for other to take photos. Then she turns to ME and said "You have to stop taking photos"…. REALLY?!?!!? I am a PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER! I was ASKED to be there by the bride and groom. And why CAN'T I take photos because i have a HUGE NICE (better then hers) camera?!?!  So I turned, put my camera in my bag and walked out. 2 minutes later the groom came out. (oh no is all i thought, because I didnt want to cause any issues on their day). He said, "I'm so sorry, I have no idea who she is or why she is here. I'm going to talk to her. But we want you here and ASKED you to be here…"

It was so nice of him. The bride said the same thing and so did her sister. I just felt bad that this was an issue on their wedding day.

So…after all that "fun-ness" here are the photos!

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