Monday, February 21, 2011

Great Date Idea #3

A Day at the Spa!

We have all seen it in the movies…the couple laying side by side on two massage takes next to the beach with hot stones on their backs or some hot islander rubbing them down with HOT OILS!!!

Although many of us don't exactly live on the beach where it is beautiful weather all year around, you CAN go to a day spa and get a couples massage! 

$$$ These can be VERY pricey but look for a good deal over a holiday or a new spa that is offering deals for new customers!

Turn OFF your cell Phone
Book early! A Friday afternoon is the best! Then you have all weekend to relax!
Book early to get the day and time you would like!

Book a whole weekend getaway! And enjoy everything the Spa has to offer!
Go to an exotic location and enjoy a couple massage on the beach like you have always dreamed about!

Have you ever enjoyed a couples massage??

1 comment:

  1. We've done two couples' massages - one in St. Lucia when we celebrated the then-bf/now-hubs graduating college and then again in Antigua on our honeymoon. Definitely a great investment!


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