Monday, February 7, 2011

Love Letter Mondays


Over at FTLOB the host a Love Letter Mondays special for February.  So I wanted to share one today. 

I have a huge stack of cards and letters that sit next to my bed in the night stand. I went through them to find a "letter' for today but only found tons and tons of love cards. Here are a few message from the cards:

"Sarah, on out wedding day ….. I love you and I'm excited to spend my life with you. - Donald"

"Cool card to find in Afghanistan huh?!" Love you babe, this is how sad I look without you :{ . Stay strong, I'm very in love with you. - DJ"

"Sarah, On our first engaged valentines day. I love you with everything I have. - Donald"

Ahhhhh I could go on and on….


  1. I heart your blog name. Blatteration! I'm going to use this!

    Found your link on the FTLOB's Love Letter Challenge 2011.

  2. thanks for sharing your letters with us... It's nice that you keep them on your night stand so you can look at them before you go to bed and when you wake up every morning!

  3. So cute! Im looking forward to reading everyone's love letters.

  4. awww so cute!! Mine are in my nightstand too!


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