Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Great Date Idea #4

Dinner on DECK!

No not the back deck silly goose, a BOAT DECK! Many places such as San Diego, Florida, Baltimore and the Great Lakes (just to name a few) offer dinner cruises! You sail on board the boat watching the scenic horizon at sunset. This is a great date for a BIG date…Birthday Celebration, Anniversary …

On top of the awesome atmosphere and food most cruises also offer live bands, a small casino, and a look out area. You will most likely take a photo before boarding the boat. and when you arrive back on land, your photos are ready for purchase.

$$$ this is a SPENDY adventure. But if you save up a little it is VERY WORTH IT!


  • Make sure you read up on their website or brochure, many of these cruises are formal, although some in Mexico are more vacation-wear. 
  • Sunglasses! 
  • a light coat! It can get a little chilly at night when the sun goes down
  • Motion sickness medication. If you have never been on a boat you may not know how your body will react. These cruises are only a few hours long and you will not be going into crazy waters.
  • Reasonable heels. You dont want to be walking on deck in 6" heels all night. 
Book far in advance to make sure you can celebrate that special occasion ON the day you want!

Have you ever been on a Dinner Cruise?

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  1. I want some cute boy to take me on a swanky dinner cruise, that just sounds SO lovely <3


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