Thursday, February 10, 2011


I am picking up a new Chaise Lounge today to put in my studio! I amSUPER excited! I found it on Craiglist for $40!! Most of the ones i have seen have been in the HUNDREDS!!  I spoke with the nice lady yesterday who said it is a little worn on the arms but I am planning on re-upolstering it. I have been reading a few blogs on DIY home improvements like Shabby Chic Cottage and Finding Fabulous and I think I can do it! Although Hubs thinks I am crazy! 

So here are a few patterns I am looking to replace it with!

a simple polkadot print

or something BRIGHT and BOLD!!

What are your thoughts?? 

This chaise will be used for photos shoots like this one I took last March:


  1. A chaise loung for $40 that is totally awesome!!!

  2. Awesome! I think it should be bright and bold!

  3. I like the first pattern. Its so elegant and fresh looking.


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