Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Guest Blog Spot…Bright Wishes

Brooke over at Bright Wishes was gracious enough to let me ask her a few questions about her, her life, her Mr. Charming and her Little one …

1. whats your favorite photo of Mr. Charming?

This is my favorite photo of him: 

2. is it more important for communication to be authentic or kind?

I think it's more important for communication to be authentic.  I guess in a way it should be kind too.  I think you should share everything with your love and tell them how you're feeling no matter what.  If you don't tell them what's going on in your head they'll never know what you're thinking and they can't just figure it out themselves.

3. do you have a model for your ideal relationship?

I really think my ideal relationship is what we both have right now and will continue to have.  He loves Little One, gets along with my family, we have fun together and I am always myself around him. I am not afraid to tell him anything because we always talk about it and work through things.

4. what would you love to learn to do together?

We both really want to learn how to cook together. We want to take a cooking class and maybe even a baking class someday. It would just be so fun to do that!

5. what possession of Mr. Charming's would you LOVE to throw away?

His cigarettes...GROSS. He knows I hate that he smokes, but he really only does it when he's home. Hopefully one day he'll quit altogether which of course I'll support him with that!

Thank you Brooke!! Check out Brooke's blog Bright Wishes … she write about Life, Love and Inspiration.

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