Thursday, February 3, 2011

30 for 30...

I am SO behind on this. With our move i haven't had a chance to even go through what I have or want to use for this. So I am going to finish unpacking and then I will post my 30 items! I am really excited about this! I have been watching the blogs who are participating and it looks great so far!!

Also, I am planning on making some major changes to my blog face in the next few days! I am pretty excited about it. Does anyone know if I can make the changes without it going "live"? I dont want there to be a million changes going on at once. I would rather there be one final change…but I like to see what it will look like while I am messing with it…Maybe I need to make a page that is non-public and make the changes there, then just move it to this blog…hmmm interesting.

The more blogs I read lately the more I like simplicity. Its faster to open, easier to read. The more subtle colors or even white is nice too! Just some brain storming ideas…What do you like?

Don't forget to check out Thirsty Thursday over at FTLOB!!


  1. Stopping by from the Hops to say hello.
    Please visit if you can-

    Have a great day!

  2. When I design blogs I use a test blog to create the design, and then just replace the old code with the new code from the test blog and switch out the header, etc. when I'm ready to go live.

    I agree, I'm on a simplicity kick myself!


  3. I love simplicity!! and you can just create another blog on your dashboard and use that to see how your new blog will look and then transfer everything!!

  4. the subtle polka dots. I've been liking simple colors too for blogs. I change mine from time to time. I think thats ok. I hope it makes it more interesting for the regular people who stop by. I'll come back to see what you've done! =)

  5. your new design looks great!! and don't worry about being behind on the 30for30, i think a lot of people are. my sister still hasn't started yet. i'm excited to see what you come up with! :)


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