Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Phonebook … Really!?!?

I met with two reps today from the local phone books…They are asking if I want to place ads in their upcoming phone books. They are EXPENSIVE tho…we are talking almost $1000 just to have a small ad in the local phone book. Who uses a phone book anymore?? Anyone?? Please tell me if I am off base, but I haven't used a phone book un AGES!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Currently …. (Thanks Eat.Drink.Be A Tourist!!)

Current guilty pleasure: McDonalds…..ugh its SOOOO bad for me but I LOVE IT!

Current color: Pink

Current playlist: Sugarland…..I <3 Sugarland!!

Current read: Hubby and I are reading a book together called Plant Backpacker

Current drink: Hornsby's Cider


Current food: Tortilla Chips and Quacamole

Current favorite show: Nada…no tv in our house

Current wish list: More Clients!!

Current needs: More Clients!

Current triumphs: More Clients! (just never seems to be enough!)

Current celebrity crush: Matthew Mcconaughey

Current indulgence: SLEEP!!! I love naps!

Current blessing: Lots of work coming my way!

Current outfit: Sweats, Hubby's t-shirt

Current excitement: Vaca to Tampa next week!!

Current mood: good. Excited for what is to come!


Good Friday Wedding!

I photographed a BEAUTIFUL wedding on Good Friday! The bride was stunning, the colors were amazing, the ceremony brought you to tears! What a great day! I am sharing a few ring images. MORE TO COME!!

sorry for the absence

Well its been a while since I blogged. No specific reason. Being Sick. Husband getting back in town. Surprise BBQ. Easter. Organizing my Photo Studio…..

I wanted to post a few photos of my new organized 'gear room". Bu hubby and I have TONS of gear for the MANY sports we participate in.  So after running around Norther California for a week trying to locate bins to fit in the cubbies I bought I opted with ordering them online from Wal-Mart. So here are photos of the finished room MINUS the bins.

All curtesy of my iPhone


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Busy and Sick Week

What a week! Monday I was down for the count! I slept ALL DAY. Woke up to go to the store to get Kleenex, soup, meds and OJ. Then I was back in bed until Tuesday.

Feeling better each day, still have a cough and a bad voice, but I'm getter better all the same.

I have been on the hunt this week for some cubed bins to put in one of those cube organizers. I got 12 from a girlfriend of mine that were already put together. I just need the bins. So Ikea was stop #1. Bought 12. when I got home they were too long. (Keep in mind Ikea is an hour+ away). Returned them and went to K-Mart (I live in the hills and we don't have anything else for 30 minutes, don't hold it against me). Bought 12. Too small by 2" on 2 sides. Returned. Found the ACTUAL bins on Wal-Mart iPhone App. Found the store they SAID they were at. Walked around the store for an hour asking workers for help. NO one knew what I was talking about but since I was an hour from home in the opposite direction (not the Ikea direction either) I couldn't leave without knowing for sure they did not have them. Low and behold, they hadn't had them since AUGUST!! (Thanks iPhone Wal-Mart App….you suck!!)

A quick stop at Target (via iPhone Target App…LOVE) and it said they HAD SOME!! Perfect! App even said WHAT AISLE IT WAS IN!!! WOW!!! They were there..they looked awesome…I love them….but they are $10.50 ea….ugh. dilemma…spend $130 on stupid bins for this organizer that fit the square but will stick out 2" OR….order them online, wait a week and spend $7ea…I opted for waiting.

So I went home frustrated and depleted. Filled the bins with the stuff but now it looks messy. Went online and ordered the EXACT ones i need but they wont be here until the 28th….wow…

Note to Self: When buying organizers buy them together. That way you don't have to run all around Gods Creation to find the exact ones that work….it will save you time, money, gas and a headache! 


This is it…but imagine 12 and no wheels.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekend at the Home and Garden Show

Well I spent last week prepping for the Home and Garden Show…and what a show it was!! I met tons of great local people who had no idea I was here or offered my services in town! So I handed out 100s of postcards and tons of business cards! I had a coupon in the booklet everyone receive when they came through the doors and I was announced over the loudspeaker a few times!

So all in all it was a great show!

Now for the down fall. I got sick. Yep. Saturday afternoon I started to get a raspy voice and a little cough. By the time by hubby came to get me I was in full boar cold mode. I was dragging all afternoon and by the time we went to bed at 10 I was miserable. My hubby had to catch a EARLY flight this morning so we were up and moving by 3am. I drove with him the 1.5 hour drive to the airport and then back by myself. My head hurt so bad I didn't even have the radio on. I was able to get 2 hours of sleep in when I got home before I had to get ready for the show today. But I was so drained I could hardly meet and greet people. I felt really bad but it was hellacious trying to keep my head up. 

The show was only until 4 today and the rain held off until 415! I packed up my booth in 2 trips and now its all in my living room. Thank God my Hubby is gone for a few days so I can leave the mess and work on it when I feel better. 

Here are a few photos of my booth! All courtesy of my iPhone

Notice the NEW couch!!! LOVE IT!!
Picked it up on Thursday from San Francisco! 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Vendor Spot…need ideas!

Today is one of those days…I have had an entire cup of coffee before it went cold, read emails, booked flights, participated in a photo forum and its not even 8am yet…

I am a busy bee this week getting ready for the Home and Garden show in Nevada City this weekend. They are estimating 10K people walking through. That is from the numbers of people the past few years…the best news…i am the ONLY photographer who signed up as a vendor!! Meaning I am prepared to BOOK BOOK BOOK as many session as I can!

I ordered my handouts (500 two sided postcards via Vista Print), I have price lists printed at Kinkos (4x8 front and back). I have polos shirts with my name and an EZup tent for my 10x10 space…

So where is the dilemma you ask…how in the WORLD do I display my canvas wraps? I have this 'tent' 
and a few tables but HOW do I display my work…I have used tables before but I am afraid the wind will blow over my work (NOT GOOD). I was thinking of putting curtains along 3 sides of this tent and then rigging some wire to hang the canvas's…but will they blow around too much??

Here are a few ways I found online…keep in mind my canvas wraps are at lease 18x20 in size…

I like this…very Shabby Chic but the images are SMALL

(This is nice but its HUGE!!! and indoor)

The way the images are hung on the 'drapes' is what I am thinking...

I like both of this…but I would have to construct some sort of plywood contraption to hand my work




Which one is your favorite?? As a customer which one(s) would you be more willing to want to get more info from?

Here is a link to my photography website

Thanks Ladies!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Picking a NEW winner….

MissTM didnt contact me in the required 24 hour period….so the new winner is…..

Raina! Please email me ASAP!! 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

And the winner is…….

We have a WINNER!!!!  MissTM!!

Thank you everyone to playing! This has been a great week! 

MissTM please email me you address and your camera necklace will be in the mail ASAP!! 

I am off to Peter Grubb Hut! We are snowshoeing in and staying the night! 
SO EXCITED!! I will post photos on Monday!

Thank you again everyone for participating! 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tattoo Pin-up Shoot Continued

Last week I posted some images from my St Patricks Day Tattoo and Pin-Up shoot. Well here are the rest! It was such a great day! I just love these images!


Dont forget about our GIVEAWAY!! Ends tomorrow!

ENTER THE GIVEAWAY to win a Camera Necklace!! 

Studio Open House & Trunk Show!

Sarah D Butcher - Photography will be hosting an OPEN HOUSE and Trunk Show by Lady Dragonfly on April 6th from 6:30pm-8:30pm at our new studio!
Sarah D Butcher - Photography Studio
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This is a great time to stop by and check out our new studio, some great canvas wraps, and do some SHOPPING!
Snacks and drinks provided!
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Denim looks are similar to Rock Revival, Miss Me, and True Religion, but WITHOUT a $100 price tag!
The jewelry is not the typical stuff you find at a house party!
Some examples of the items that will be at the party!
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