Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Vendor Spot…need ideas!

Today is one of those days…I have had an entire cup of coffee before it went cold, read emails, booked flights, participated in a photo forum and its not even 8am yet…

I am a busy bee this week getting ready for the Home and Garden show in Nevada City this weekend. They are estimating 10K people walking through. That is from the numbers of people the past few years…the best news…i am the ONLY photographer who signed up as a vendor!! Meaning I am prepared to BOOK BOOK BOOK as many session as I can!

I ordered my handouts (500 two sided postcards via Vista Print), I have price lists printed at Kinkos (4x8 front and back). I have polos shirts with my name and an EZup tent for my 10x10 space…

So where is the dilemma you ask…how in the WORLD do I display my canvas wraps? I have this 'tent' 
and a few tables but HOW do I display my work…I have used tables before but I am afraid the wind will blow over my work (NOT GOOD). I was thinking of putting curtains along 3 sides of this tent and then rigging some wire to hang the canvas's…but will they blow around too much??

Here are a few ways I found online…keep in mind my canvas wraps are at lease 18x20 in size…

I like this…very Shabby Chic but the images are SMALL

(This is nice but its HUGE!!! and indoor)

The way the images are hung on the 'drapes' is what I am thinking...

I like both of this…but I would have to construct some sort of plywood contraption to hand my work




Which one is your favorite?? As a customer which one(s) would you be more willing to want to get more info from?

Here is a link to my photography website

Thanks Ladies!!


  1. I love 3,6, and 7! When I worked at the bridal show here in Charlotte, this photography business was right next to us and it was non stop people. Here's their booth! http://www.blueskycharlotteblog.com/?p=1093

  2. WOW…thanks for the site link. They have a great booth!!

  3. The last one is cute, but I think all the furniture would distract from your work. I love the link Brooke gave you. It's more simplified and beautiful.

  4. I am stopping by to say hi from Take Three Tuesday!! I am a New Blog Follower!! Have a great week!!

    P.s I like #3 and #7!! Good Luck!!!




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