Thursday, May 12, 2011


I HAVE A MOTORCYCLE! Well my hubby got it for me last summer. I have been practice riding it in the parking lots around here when we have an hour to spare. He is building it up to look NorCal (lol). I LOVE IT!!

Last night we took it to an empty lot to poke around a little. We havent had a chance to do that in almost 6 months and I blew him away!! He was so impressed and SURPRISED at how well I was doing! So to make himself feel better he rode my cycle to work today instead of his… I think he is worried that I will want to ride it ALL THE TIME!! which is very true!

I havent accomplished my Rider Safety yet, but there are a few opportunities coming up that I am going to take advantage of. :)

Here is are a few before and after photos:


HALFWAY DONE with upgrades
Notice new pipes

not handle bars and single seat

I will post a better photo soon!!if I ever get it back!! lol


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