Monday, January 17, 2011


I decided that Blissful Blatterations needed a facelift. I did some research and after getting some ideas I decided I would go with something more subtle. At least for now until I get my Color Inspiration Board together thanks to Bright Wishes! for the idea of a color inspiration board. Plus I love Change!! I love to change my blog all the time! So don't be worried if you check in one day and its weird colors and the next day its semi-normal again. 

AND with this being MLK Day my recent changes is very appropriate! 

I am also creating (or helping to create) a blog for a friend of mine. Stop by and check out her page! She will be hosting GIVEAWAYS soon! If you would like to host a give away for her let me (or her) know! We are ALWAYS looking for more followers!! (FYI she is on Bloglovin', and so am I!!)


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