Tuesday, March 22, 2011

ABC's of ME!!

ABC's of Me!
Link up, lovelies!

{a} age; 30 something…a woman never tells her real age!
{b} bed size; Queen. I NEED/WANT a new mattress!
{c} chore you hate; definitely folding clothes.
{d} dogs; Cody Bear!
(Me and Cody Bear at my Studio)

{e} essential start to your day: COFFEE
{f} favorite color;hmmm Yellow, Green
{g} gold or silver; Silver!!
{h} height; 5'2
{i} instruments you play; NADA! I TRIED to play in school but never turned out well.
{j} job title; Photographer
{k} kids; No kids.
{l} live; NORCAL
{m} mom's name; Delayne
{n} nicknames; Growing up it was Hoss or Sarah Hoss, now…SarBear
{o} overnight hospital stays; I've never stayed overnight in a hospital.
{p} pet peeves; hmm good one…people who are RUDE!
{q} quote from a movie;

"I believe I can Keep going, long after I think I can"

Tattooed to my Rids

Getting Tattooed

{r} right- or left-handed; Right
{s} siblings; One younger sister
Me, Avery (my Niece) and Apryl (my younger sister)

{t} time you wake up; anytime as long as its NOT to an alarm!
{u} underwear; BoyShorts
{v} vegetables you dislike; Mushrooms
{w} what makes you run late; EVERYTHING!
{x} x-rays you've had; Just my teeth.
{y} yummy food you make; Mac and Cheese with Sausages!!! Or Spaghetti...
{z} zoo - favorite animal;Penguins! 


  1. I want to do this!! I love it and Yello & Green?? PSH better not be liking the packers ;)

  2. @ Brooke…..NO TO THE PACKERS!!!! PUKE!!

  3. Love the abc's! I want to do this on my blog :)

    p.s. I am so glad I found yours!


  4. Aw, the picture of you with your dog is so cute ♥


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