Monday, March 7, 2011

Great Date Ideas #6

Lets Dance!

When was the last time you set foot on a REAL dance floor? And not a night-club silly girls! Plan your next date dancing! Sign up for classes at your local ballroom! Many community collages offer community ed classes for dancing! Try salsa or ball room, two-step or swing! The possibilities are endless.

If you are brand new to dancing and nervous to take a class with other people rent or buy an instructional DVD. 


Create your own personal dance floor on your patio or balcony. Decorate with white christmas lights or candles. Find some Frank Sinatra and slow dance under the stars.

Check out a website called select your city and search for groups that like to dance or  beginner dancing groups (something along those lines) and your search engine with populate many groups in your area that are interested in dance lessons.

side note: is a great place to feet other couples, singles people with any similar interests as you. There are blogging groups, mom groups, workout groups! You name it!


1 comment:

  1. Oh! I've always wanted to take salsa lessons! Maybe when the kids get older.
    Meetup is a fantastic resource!


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