Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Off Day….

How come some days you just have an 'off' day. Nothing is going right. Everything gets under your skin. A look pisses you off. A little comment ruins the entire day…ugh...why??

I hate these days…and I try SO HARD not to have them…but yesterday, of all days, was like that…why? My Anniversary and I couldn't just move past it. …"it" what is "it? What was bothering me so much?

It must be "that time of the month"…it HAS to be! I was so moody and pissy yesterday and I SO DIDNT WANT TO BE…I wanted to be nice and happy and enjoy the day but it didnt happen. 

Now I feel like a piece of crap because I was in a funk for my wedding anniversary….ugh…

How do I fix this one??


  1. Oh no! Cheer up! Shopping always helps me :)

  2. Oh girl I totally know what you mean! I ususally get rid of that feeling by either writing it down, or just talking it out with my husband. I always feel better afterwards ;) Hope your day was way better!!!

  3. aw I hope you feel better :( So far I'm having an "off two weeks!" haha

  4. Probably making him meatloaf. And opening his beers for him.

    Popped over from Tasty Tuesday.

  5. Just letting you know that I'm following back! Be back soon!

  6. Thank ladies! one day at a time right!!

    TFF "Hello Tiffany", "Mollie" and "Mrs Ali!!" I promise to be more upbeat soon!

  7. Just have a do over when you are feeling better. Nothing wrong with that :)

  8. oh my i can SO relate. i think I had the same day/ week as you. must be that time of the month... let it slide:) (i'm talking to myself and you.)


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