Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wednesday Wishes (6)

Yeah for Wednesday Wishes! Today I have a "scavenger hunt" planned! I will be perusing downtown with a GF of mine who owns a clothing boutique. She owns Lady Dragonfly, a traveling boutique store! She will come to your house and have a "trunk show" for you and your girlfriend! Its AWESOME! 

So for the past few months she has teamed up with a spa and has been showcasing her clothing in one of their spare front rooms. Its great exposure and anyone going to the spa can see her merchandise! 

She decided that a few months is a good enough time at each salon. So its time to move on! Today we are on the hunt for a new salon/spa to showcase at! 

So for my Wednesday Wishes I am focusing on Showcase Space!

ONE: an open crisp room! 

TWO: Someplace with character

THREE: a place with a welcoming entrance to the showroom!

FOUR: a place that girls can come and hang out and feel relaxed!

Five: a great area to display her work

OK and I just liked these photos so they are being included as INSPIRATION too!

Wish us LUCK! I will let you know what we find!

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  1. oh my gosh!! If i had a shop, that's what it would look like.. all of those photos! good luck :)

  2. Thanks lady! I am excited! We have a few appointments to meet a few shop owners but we will see! Its exciting!

  3. All of those shops are gorgeous!

  4. I love this!! What a great idea.. a trunk show. The pictures are great! I'm a new follower.


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