Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The "B" Family! | Northern California Family Photographer

Last Saturday I spent the afternoon with the "B" family and had a GREAT time! 
We poked around Old Roseville played at the park, found the railroad tracks and 
even a rose covered wall! 

As I was editing these images last night all I could think of is that "Mrs. B" 
looks just like Jenny McCarthy!! and little "e" is hilarious! I was laughing the 
whole time I was editing this! 


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  1. These are great!!! :) I love the pop of color with the red!

  2. love your blog. could of sworn i was already a follower? weird.

    love the photos! what an adorable lil fam.

  3. What a beautiful family!

    You did an awesome job. Maybe one day you will let me pick your brain sometime on photography since i am a complete newbie at it!

  4. Sure thing Jamie I have a lot to share!!!


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