Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday Wishes (5)

So its been a WEEK since I blogged last…why you ask…we were completely DUMPED on up here in NorCal! 3+ feet of snow! Now its raining cats and dogs!! Man where in the WORLD do I live???

Now don't get me wrong, I love the snow as much as the next Minnie-So-Da girl, buts its the 100 yard DIRT driveway we have that is now a a muddy football field. The fact that we were without power for 5 days. And the fact that I cant get my car out of the garage because of the awesome driveway conditions…

Anyways…on to my Wednesday Wishes which is featured on Bright Wishes!

One: A snowblower

two: Galoshes

three: a paved driveway

four: My car back


  1. Well that is sucky...but welcome back to bloggy land! Hope you get your car out soon!

    I am hosting a scentsy giveaway if you are interested...i dont usually do them, but its my friend so i wanted to help her out.

  2. ew! wishing lots of spring weather your way!!

    ah, how nice. paved driveway. we could use one of those, every time it rains or snows, its like driving down a creek.

    hoping your day is a nice one! c:

  3. Thanks Lady Friend! I entered!!

  4. So glad you're back but I really hope the snow and rain goes away soon and you'll have nice weather!! Those are such cute shoes too :)

  5. M I TOTALLY know what you mean! Its a lake out in front of our house right now! lol BRING ON SPRING!!

  6. Ewwy... That is one thing I do not miss about Michigan, but totally lame that you're getting this weather in Cali. Sending lots of springy weather your way! :)

  7. Thank you FRAN!! I need it!!


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