Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cup of Joe Tutorial!

Last week when we were out of power we made coffee on the wood burner stove with our camping "cup of joe" water bottle adaptor. 

Put water in pot
Put pot on wood burning stove

Wait for it to boil

Get "Cup of Joe" adaptor out

Get coffee grounds ready. We have k-pods so I just cut the top of it off.

Put Grounds in Adaptor

add water

let it sit for 4 minutes. Remove adaptor and drink! Keep in mind there will always be a few grounds in your coffee but when its all you have (BEFORE YOU BITE SOMEONES HEAD OFF BECAUSE YOU HAVENT HAD YOUR COFFEE YET)…it works!

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  1. HI! Following you from Thirsty Thursday!

    Stop by soon...

  2. Hey hey! Saw the K-cup and had to follow :-) Following via blog hop Thur. Stop by soon for a visit


  3. Haha, last line was pretty funny! Sounds like a little mini adventure when the power was out! :) Stopped over from Thirsty Thursdays, I know I know, but better late than never :)

  4. Hey if it works it works! At least your getting your coffee fix! I really like your site. Look forward to reading more.


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