Friday, March 11, 2011

Guest Blog Spot - a tourist!

YEAH!! Todays guest blog spot is from Kelsey at eat, drink, be a tourist! She has been gracious enough to answer some tough Qs I had for her. Check out her post!

  • Which is more important career, family or personal freedom?
I think family is the most important thing, in my life at least.  If it weren't for my family, I wouldn't be the person I am today.  I'm so thankful for my wonderful parents, my brother, and the rest of my extended family.  Our family is very close, I look at my cousins as my best friends, and I know they will always be there for me.  I have learned so many valuable things from my parents, grandparents, and other family members.  I will always, always live by the motto "this too shall pass;" something my grandpa always says to us grandkids.

[ grandpa with his 3 granddaughters ]
  • What do you envy about the opposite sex?
The fact that most of them can spend half the amount of time getting ready and still end up looking hot.  I wish I could let my hair air dry and not have to worry about makeup and jewelry and the rest of the girlie things.  I mean, I could not worry about those things, but then I'd look like a mess all the time, lol.  I also would like to loose weight as fast as guys can.  I feel like most guys can just shed the pounds so easily.  It's so unfair!

  • How comfortable do you feel about your body?
Truthfully, I am not very comfortable with my body at all.  I have big breasts, a big booty, and lots of excess jiggle in places I wish didn't have it.  I feel like guys are constantly staring at my "assets" and that I stick out like a sore thumb when I'm around my skinny friends.  I have always been overweight and it's something that seems to constantly get me down.  You can read more about this lovely fight I'm in with my body here and here.  

  • In what ways do you find yourself behaving like your mother or father?
I'm very hard headed and stubborn like my mom, which is why we tend to argue more than I do with my dad.  My mom and I are both also very organized, thrifty and outgoing.  My dad is more of the quiet type and tends to hide his emotions better than my mom, which is something I definitely picked up from him.  I also got my athletic-ness from my dad (no offense, mom!)  The funny thing is that I am so much like both of my parents (and even look like them too) that you would never be able to guess that I am adopted!  Fun fact for the day :)

  • What is your ideal romantic evening?
Hmmm.. well I would say if a guy prepared a nice dinner and had the table set with something other than paper plates, maybe some wine and dessert, that would be pretty romantic.  Maybe follow it up by going to see some live music.  I'm not a huge romantic though.  I'd much prefer going to a local bar, grabbing a burger and a nice microbrew and heading to the baseball game.  What can I say, I'm not much of a girly girl, lol.
  • What should your BF know about the types of gifts you like and dislike?
I like all gifts, haha just playing.  I love thoughtful gifts that are unique to our relationship; a certain charm on a necklace because of something we did together, a certain bottle of wine because we drank it on our first date, things like that.  I also really love flowers and gifts that the both of us can enjoy; like going to a baseball game or concert together.  I hate stuffed animals and they will end up at the Goodwill, so don't buy me them.
  • What would be your ideal life 5, 10 and 25 years from now?
That's hard to say.  In 5 years (I'll be 28) I would love to be employed with a company I enjoy working for, living in San Diego, and possibly sharing a nice condo with a bf or fiance.  10 years (33), I want to be married with a little one on the way, successful in my career, and have travelled to 5 different countries I haven't been to yet.  25 years (48), still happily married with a few kiddos, owner of my own business and completely in awe with how wonderful my life has turned out to be, oh and hopefully getting ready to retire!

  • Which habits or traits would you like to give up to prevent passing them on to your child?
My poor eating habits.  When I have my first baboon (that's what my mommy sometimes called me when I was little) I'm going to teach them healthy eating habits from the very beginning.  I also do not want my children to smoke or drink excessively, but that will be something that they will have to learn about themselves, after they do the opposite of what I tell them not to do (like all kids do).  I would also love if they didn't pick up my habit of not being able to budget well - that's definitely something I will need to learn how to do before I have kids!

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Thanks Kelsey!!

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  1. ahh kels! i love how real your answers are. you are so so amazing and i'm glad to call you my friend. lots of love!

  2. I'm with love this post! Thank you for being so honest. <3

  3. Isnt she the best! I love her open-ness and hour pure she is!! they Kels!!! You can Guest Blog ANYtime!!!


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