Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mt Whitney

As some of you know and more other are learning, my husband and I are extreme athletes. We are not sponsored or paid for doings what we love, but that is exactly it; we are doing what we love.

For our honeymoon we bike for 14 days down the west coast of the southern island of New Zealand on a TANDEM bike pulling a little trailer. 


We are running an ultra marathon in a few days (my first his second). We are triathletes; I am an Ironman he will be one this year.

So on that note, we have been wanting to climb the tallest peek in the lower 48…Mt Whitney who stands at 14, 490.97 feet tall. And we are going to do it!

The Forest Center only allows 6 permits a day to climb the Mountain and this morning we got our PERMITS! After a lot of calls, faxes and "not today"'s we got our permits!

Its a 7 hour drive from where we live. Its a 4 mile hike to our camping spot. Then we will get up the next day and summit! Take photos! Cheer! Celebrate! then head back to camp and either stay the night or pack up and head to town to get a BEER to celebrate our climb!

This is NOT an Everest expedition (So stop worrying mother :)!  its literally a hiking Route. Meaning you never "tie in".  There are Day Trip where people can leisurely hike to a certain portion of the Mt but we are going on a more difficult route (Not the hardest!!) We will have the cameras and lost of notepad to journal about the experience!

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